Short Friendship Poems

Welcome to our short friendship poems! These poems can be used anytime or added to a Birthday card. Short best friend poems to tell a close friend how important they are to you can be sent anytime. Appreciate your friend by sharing these beautiful words to let them know how much you care about them. We also have short birthday poems for best friend for their special day.

Cute Poems for Friends

Gift of Friendship
The definition of friendship was never understood,
Until you came into my world and have done everything you could,
Always there when my spirit has needed a lift,
You are a treasure and a beautiful gift,
You have filled my life with so much joy and grace,
You have made my life better and happier place,
I know one thing to be true,
I will never find another friend like you.

A Peculiar Bond
By Clairel Estevez
It isn’t the red ribbon that binds us together.
The root that unifies us, does not derive
from a tree on the wall.

This bond knows no genetics.

Friendship is a peculiar seed.
No matter the season, the weather,
nor the time of day.

When planted on a nourishing soul,
it will always bear fruit.

Short Friendship Poems

Rhyming Poems about Friendship

True Friend
True friends are hard to find,
You are rare, loyal and incredibly kind,
Always there to hold my hand,
With an open ear, listening to understand,
Life is full of highs and lows,
Our time is precious and my love for you grows,
Thank you for always having my back,
Our friendship is so strong that nobody could crack.

A Friend is a Treasure
By Jean Kyler McManus
A friend is someone we turn to,
When our spirits need a lift,
A friend is someone we treasure,
For true friendship is a gift.
A friend is someone we laugh with,
Over little personal things,
A friend is someone we’re serious with,
In Facing whatever life brings.
A friend is someone who fills our lives,
With beauty and joy and grace.
And makes the world that we live in
A better and happier place!

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Cute Poems for Best Friends

My Best Friend
You have been my best friend since the first time we met,
We had a connection that I’ll never forget,
Always being there for each other and lending an ear,
Giving a hug and always there to cheer,
Being there in good times and bad,
Never judging me on the problems I’ve had,
Your strength has lifted my spirits with the courage you’ve shown,
While navigating obstacles as a team we have grown,
Our friendship means more than words can express,
I love you and am grateful for our friendship, God Bless.

My True Best Friend
By SusieQ
There’s been so many times where I’ve needed you as my friend,
No matter what the reason is you’ll be there till the end.
Everytime I need to talk or I’m sad and feeling blue,
You understand, your honest and you’ll give your point of view.
You always put me first if I need you to be there,
I appreciate you doing this it shows how much you really care.
Your unconditional friendship showed me the person I am inside,
And just to be myself is something I never have to hide.
If you ever need anything, anytime day or night,
I promise I will be there to try and make it right.
Cause I hope I can do for you all the things you’ve done for me,
Cause a true friend is what you forever will always be.

Missing a Friend Poem Short

I just wiped a teardrop from the corner of my eye,
Followed by another as I began to cry,
I found a memory in the corner of my mind,
Of happy times in the past when you were by my side.

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Birthday Poem for your Friend

The happiest of wishes for the loveliest of days,
When all your dreams come true in many special ways,
A day when lots of happiness fills everything you do,
Is just the kind of Birthday wish that’s being made for you.

A Time to Talk

By Robert Frost
When a friend calls to me from the road,
And slows his horse to a meaning walk,
I don’t stand still and look around,
On all the hills I haven’t hoed,
And shout from where I am,
What is it?
No, not as there is a time to talk.
I thrust my hoe in the mellow ground,
Blade-end up and five feet tall,
And plod: I go up to the stone wall
For a friendly visit.

A Friend

By Gillian Jones
A person who will listen and not condemn
Someone on whom you can depend
They will not flee when bad times are here
Instead they will be there to lend an ear
They will think of ways to make you smile
So you can be happy for a while
When times are good and happy there after
They will be there to share the laughter
Do not forget your friends at all
For they pick you up when you fall
Do not expect to just take and hold
Give friendship back, it’s pure gold.


A friend is one we go to when we need a little lift,
Loyalty is too rare, when found it’s quite a gift,
You’ve filled my life with happiness, love and grace,
You have made my life a more joyful place,
I know when I need honesty you’ll share,
You are an blessing in my life, thank you for always being there.

The Friendship Bond

A friend is a precious thing
A bond that cannot be broken
Through thick and thin, they stand by you
Their love and support, unspoken

A friend is a shoulder to lean on
A listening ear, a helping hand
They lift you up when you are down
And help you to stand

So here’s to you, my dear friend
May our friendship never end
I am grateful for your love and support
Our bond, it will always remain steadfast

One of a Kind Friend

A friend like you
Is hard to find
Your kindness, warmth, and love
Are truly one of a kind
I am so grateful to have you
In my life, my dear friend
Forever by my side
Until the very end.

Treasured Friend

A true friend is a treasure
Rare and precious, beyond measure
Your kindness and your light
Bring joy to my days and nights
I am grateful for your presence
In my life, my dear friend.

Treasured Friend

A true friend is like discovering a pot of gold,

Rare and precious, beyond measure

Your kindness and your light

Bring joy to my days and nights

I am grateful for your presence

In my life, my dear friend.

Twin Stars

By Clairel Estevez
Can you hear my heart?
Oh, but I can tell!
We are twin stars
With different births.
My caring shadow –
It has your face.
The voice of my soul
Knows well your name.
Tell me,
Can you hear my heart?
Oh! how I love you,
My best friend.

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