Sister Poems

Welcome to our sister poems page. The unique bond you feel with her is something that can be difficult to portray with words. Try a sister poem to remind her just how special she is to you. Your unbreakable bond and childhood memories are something nobody else had together. We also have happy birthday sister poems for her special day. We hope you enjoy these meaningful words, written by individuals who have the unbreakable sister bond that will communicate your love for her.

Poems for My Sister

Forever My Sister
Some days she will hug you,
Some days she will bug you,
But you will forever be, sisters,
Some days you will laugh together,
Some days you will cry together,
But you will forever be, sisters,
There will be days you will want to hold her tight,
There will be days you will bicker and fight,
But you will forever be, sisters,
There will be times you wish she would go away,
There may be times she throws a temper to get her way,
But you will forever be, sisters,
No matter the obstacle you face, you will take it on together,
Your sister is the one, the one that will forever be the one you always turn to.

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Sister Poems

My Sister, My Best Friend

My sister, my confidant,

My rock, my guiding light,

Through joy and through tribulation,

You’ve always been by my side.

In laughter and in sorrow,

In moments big and small,

With you by my side,

I can face them all.

You’re the one I turn to,

When I need a listening ear,

You’re the one who always,

Will wipe away my tear.

Though we may not always agree,

And sometimes we may fight,

I know deep down inside,

Our bond is stronger than might.

So here’s to you, my sister,

My partner in this life,

I’m so grateful to have you,

As my sister and best friend.

Sister Poems that Make You Cry

My Sister, My Angel
My sister in heaven, I treasure the years,
When we were younger, living with no fears,
Playing all day, talking all night,
My best friend, my sister, the woman of delight,
Without warning you left, no time to say goodbye,
I’m angry, I’m sad and I don’t understand why,
I want to see you once more with that beautiful smile,
I’d take just one moment, even though I need a while,
My memories with you include so much love,
I lay in bed at night crying, praying to God above,
I adored and admired you since I was small,
Without you by my side, is the saddest time of all,
You will forever be my angel and for your soul I pray,
I do believe we will meet in heaven and be together one day.s

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Butterfly Kisses
By John F Connor
Don’t cry for me please don’t be sad
Hold on to the memories of the times we both had
Don’t dwell on dark thoughts hold on tight to your wishes
Sending you hugs and butterfly kisses
I walk beside you I am there all day long
I am right here but you think I am gone
You don’t see me but I can see you
Whatever the problems I will help get you through
I am the wind in your hair and sand in your toes
Butterfly kisses that you feel on your nose
I am with you at sunrise and in sunset
But you can’t see me is my one regret
I sit right beside you when you are sad
As you look through the photos of times we both had
I watch you sleeping I hold you so tight
Before I go I kiss you goodnight
I will watch over you from heaven above
Forever you will be my one true love
Hold on to your dreams and all your wishes
Sending you hugs and butterfly kisses

Little Sister Poems

Always There, Always Proud
When mom told me that you were growing inside,
I walked around telling everyone with so much pride,
I would be a big (brother/sister), I would take you under my wing,
I shared it with everyone, I’ll be a big (brother/sister) I’d sing,
There were times we’d fight and sometimes get mad,
Sometimes you’d get hurt and you would be sad,
My favorite memories include your beautiful smile,
Now a plane ride a way, across the miles,
Our bond remains strong and cannot be severed,
No matter what happens in life, I am your (brother/sister) forever.

Little Sister
By Wendy Silva
My sister can be annoying, everything I do she wants to do it too,
It’s hard to have a little sister who wants to be like you.
She follows me around the house and wants to play pretend.
“I’m too big for that,” I say, but I’ll always be your friend.
“Go away and play,” I have important things to do.
Then before I knew it, my little sister grew.
I remember so many great times we shared and wish that we had more.
Creating wonderful memories that will withstand time, that’s what friends are for.

My Baby Sister

My little sister, growing tall 

But always in my heart, 

A bond unbreakable, 

A bond that will never depart

Through childhood days of laughter 

And teenage years of strife 

You’ve always been my companion 

Through all the twists and turns of life

I’ve watched you grow and change 

Into the person you will be 

But no matter what the future holds 

My love for you will always be

You’re the one I turn to 

When I need a sounding board 

You’re the one who always 

Has my back, my own award

So here’s to you, my sister, 

My confidant, my guide 

I’m grateful for the journey 

By your side.

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Big Sister Poems

Big Sis, I Love You
By Ranja Kujala
My dear Big Sis, you are the greatest there is
And amazing in every way.
I greatly admire and look up to you
Each and every day.
You are always showing how much you care,
From your heart that is filled with love.
You are a beautiful angel,
Sent from the heavens above.
I am the luckiest sis in the world
To have grown up next to you.
We played and laughed and had fun together,
A great bond that has always stayed true.
Big sis, you are always in my heart and thoughts,
And I am always sending you a hug and kiss.
You are my world, and I love you so much.
Always and forever….your Lil’ Sis.

My Big Sister
By Anita Poems
As a big sister, you’d always inquire,
Cared for me, my actions inspire.
Your passion for life burns like a fire,
My love for you, shall never expire,
To be like you, I hope to aspire.
One day together, we shall retire,
You’re my big sister, I’ll always admire!

Birthday Poem for Sister

The little girls are who we use to be,
Playing in neighborhood with friends, we were young and free,
Memories of our youth include laughs we shared,
Crying from a broken heart felt like it couldn’t be repaired,
No matter how sad or angry I felt inside,
Our talks were a reminder I’m never alone in the ride,
You hold my secrets, you know my dreams,
No matter where we go in life, we are always on the same team,
You will never find another woman that loves you more than me,
I will love you with my heart and soul until eternity.

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My Sister, My Friend

By Leann Stiegman
To me, you are an angel in disguise.
Full of intuition, you are intelligent and wise.
Always giving and helping through good times and bad.
You are the best friend I’ve ever had.
If I had one wish, it would surely be
To give you as much as you’ve given to me.
Though I’ve put our relationship through some cloudy days,
You’ve been my sunshine in so many ways.
Through the trials and tests, right by me you stood,
And you gave me your hand whenever you could.
Thank you so much, my sister, my friend.
My gratitude for you has no end.

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